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Cool Facts about Barefoot Friends Host, Yoon Si Yoon.

Yoon Si Yoon

Hello there, Yoon Si Yoon!

1. Yoon Si Yoon was born as “Yoon Dong Goo”, but his agency requested that he change his name officially when in college to Yoon Si Yoon.

2. Yoon Si Yoon’s first debut in acting was in High Kick Through the Roof (same with Kim Bum and many other actors)

3. He’s also starred in Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, which is now the 25th highest rated Korean Drama of all time, and was also the drama that made Yoon  Si Yoon extremely famous.

4. The director of Baker King, Kim Tak Goo was extremely hesitant to cast Yoon Si Yoon as the lead because of his inexperience.

Yoon Si Yoon as Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

Ha, that’s a good one, Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, I mean… Yoon Si Yoon.

4.5 But the director of Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, is probably extremely he chose Yoon Si Yoon because the actor received the “Excellence Award” at KBS’s end of the year award ceremony, despite his lack of credentials.

5. He’s currently in Flower Boys Next Door as one of the Flower Boys, starring with Park Shin Hye (Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful).

6. Yoon Si Yoon is one of the regulars on Barefooted Friends, which also has Kim Hyun Joong UEE, Eunhyuk, and Kang Ho Dong. The show is about travelling with friends and learning what true happiness is with the locals and with each other.

Barefoot Friends

Barefoot Friends

7. Although High Kick Through The Roof was Yoon Si Yoon’s debut as an actor, Yoon Si Yoon first appeared onscreen in a variety show, “Introducing A Star’s Friend“.

8. He was born in Incheon, South Korea

9. He is a Libra and was born in the year of the Tiger (Hes 26 years old!)

10. His birthday is September 26, 1986.

11. Yoon Si Yoon only chooses dramas he believes he can fully pour his heart into.

12. According to Yoon Si Yoon, he dates girls similarly to how Enrique Geum would (from Flower Boys Next Door). He hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while though… (who wouldn’t snatch this cutie up??)

Where can you learn more about Yoon Si Yoon?

Watch his acting on DramaFever

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Lost You Forever Chapter 9: Brow Furrowed, No Choice But Mutual Avoidance

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Lost You Forever Chapter 8: It’s So Late, Why Have You Not Returned

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Park Shi Hoo Considers and Passes on Golden Cross as a Drama Comeback

In the span of twenty four hours the K-drama news casting cycle stirred up a veritable netizen storm and I’m still wondering what the heck happened. Was this even a serious casting consideration? The upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Golden Cross , which initially was in talks with Kang Ji Hwan but that fell through after he went off to do Big Man on the same network, floated the possibility of being Park Shi Hoo ‘s comeback drama.


Lost You Forever Chapter 7: People Become Far Away and the Road Becomes Long

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Angel Eyes Starts Filming Childhood Portion and Confirms Cast of Lee Sang Yoon, Gu Hye Sun, and Kim Ji Suk

SBS weekends have been pretty lackluster for me for a long time. The last weekend drama I enjoyed (somewhat) was Cheongdamdong Alice . The ones after that like Birth Secret , Goddess of Marriage , and Thrice Married Woman have all been singularly hard to watch. Not bad per se, just not very fun to slog through. Coming up next is Angel Eyes , the drama that initially floated as leads Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min , but now has confirmed a completely different set of leads.


Lost You Forever Chapter 6: Like a Familiar Person Has Come

You can sense that Xiao Liu’s time being Xiao Liu is slowly coming to an end. Lost You Forever tells its story in years, tens of years, hundreds of years, since the leads are all mystical gods and demons and beings of magical spiritual powers. Because they seem to have it all, it makes it even more painful to see how they suffer more than a human would. The torture inflicted on Shi Qi is beyond the pale, years of degradation at the hands of his own brother.


Miss Korea Episode 20 Recap

Miss Korea is like that tagline for an old school Folger’s Coffee commercial – “Good until the last drop.” While I’m relieved not to be penning a recap for the final episode that requires mental gymnastics to make sense of what happened or an emotional explanation to take away feelings of disappointment, I don’t want to stack MK up against other dramas to emphasize how good it is in comparison. Miss Korea is a fantastic and well-written drama on its own merits.


FNN | 대한민국 최대 뉴스 네트워크

윤시윤, 시청률보다 작품 좋으면 OK [포커스신문사 | 글 한지명 사진 김유근 기자 2014-02-26 21:22:30] 연기 만큼 기다림 중요해! 이십 대와 삼십 대의 경계선, 스물아홉의 배우 윤시윤은 ‘어른’과 ‘아이’ 사이에 서 있다. 단지 나이 때문은 아니다. “어린아이의 마음을 간직한 채로 어른을 공부하고 있다”는 윤시윤은 자신을 “어른아이”라고 정의했다. ‘어른아이’의 모호함 때문일까, 윤시윤과의 대화는 종잡을 수 없이 흘렀다. 그러나 시종일관 진지했으며 더없이 유쾌했다. 돌이켜보면 윤시윤은 느닷없이 등장했고, 깊숙이 각인됐으며, 누구보다 빨리 성장했다. 2009년 MBC ‘지붕 뚫고 하이킥’의 준혁 학생으로 일약 스타덤에 올랐고, 2010년 KBS2 ‘제빵왕 김탁구’ 속 김탁구로 시청률 50%대 드라마의 주인공이었다.


Yoon Si Yoon reveals YoonA to be a down-to-earth actress

Yoon Si Yoon had nothing but good things to say about his ‘ Prime Minister and I ‘ co-star Girls’ Generation ‘s YoonA . SEE ALSO: Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr’ ranks #1 on the iTunes charts in seven countries During a recent interview with Sports Seoul , Yoon Si Yoon shared what it was like to act with YoonA, “YoonA is very down-to-earth, good person. She is a good actress with her heart in the right place.


Yoon Si Yoon Shared What It Was Like To Act Along With YoonA

Actor Yoon Si Yoon described the good memories made while working along with co-star YoonA of Girls’ Generation on “Prime Minister and I”. Like Us on Facebook During the recent interview with Sports Seoul, actor Yoon Si Yoon revealed what it was like to work with YoonA, stating, “YoonA is very down-to-earth, good person. She is a good actress who’s got her heart in the right place. She is an actress who delivers emotions beautifully.